Expanded PTFE Valve Stem Packing

Expanded PTFE Valve Stem Packing

Expanded PTFE Valve Stem Packing is made from 100% white pure virgin PTFE resin. It is a white, soft and round product. In possession of the characteristics of high tensile strength, self-lubrication, low coefficient of friction and corrosion resistance, it can be widely used in valves, faucet stems, rotating shafts, reciprocating plungers, stuffing boxes and flanges etc. Keywords:undefined

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Product Description


• Easy installation,cheap cost.
• High temperature resistance, long service life.
• Ideal for valves, faucet stems, rotating shafts
• No pollution for fluid.
• Chemical corrosion resistance.
• Excellent flexibility,few cold flow deformation.
• Clean, from dust-free workshop.


Work Temperature -268~280℃,Melt327℃ ASTM D 4895
Work Pressure ≤8Mpa Liquid JIS K 6891
Work Medium

Except molten metal, liquid and gas of  fluorine

Meet(FDA21 CFR177.1550)
Tensile Strength ≤10 MPA JIS K 6891
Bolt Pressure 8-20Mpa(3-25mmWidth)  
Density 0.7~0.85g/cm3 ASTM D 4895
Elongation ≥20%  
Compressibility ≤40% ASTM F-38
Volatility ≤1.0% JIS K 6892
Recovery ≥16% ASTM F-36
Relaxation(ASTM F38)
Hardness 30-70HA  
PH 0-14  
Moisture Content ≤0.01% ASTM D 4895
Hot Unstability 10  
Ave Granule Dia 500um ASTM D 4895


Diameter from 1-20mm×L (design by you)

Specification Standard Length:5-100m/roll
Dia(mm) Dia(mm)
1 11
2 12
3 13
4 14
5 15
6 16
7 17
8 18
9 19
10 20